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Oeksound Spiff Adaptive Transient Processor Plug-in Features:

  • An adaptive transient processor that takes transient editing controls to the next level
  • Automatically analyzes incoming signal and recognizes transients on the fly
  • Cut or boost transients using Spiff’s time- and frequency-specific controls
  • Add more pick sound to guitar or bass
  • Easily remove mouth clicks and other unwanted vocal sounds
  • Reduce artificial synthesizer clicks introduced by filters
  • Improve percussion tracks by boosting transients to offset and reduce room sound
  • Push sounds backward or forward in a mix without affecting their volume
  • Restore dynamics and detail to a mix that feels over-compressed
  • Favored by countless pros across a variety of genres and fields
  • Supports Intel and Mac M1 processors
  • Requires an iLok account for software licensing, but iLok dongle is optional


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