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Oeksound Soothe Live Dynamic Resonance Suppressor Plug-in Features:

  • Low-latency version of Oeksound’s acclaimed Soothe dynamic resonance suppressor plug-in
  • Produces a mere 64 samples of latency; yields less than 1ms of latency on an Avid S6L
  • Optimized design allows a single 18-core HDX card to run up to 54 mono or 36 stereo instances
  • Removes harshness from any sound and helps soothe tracks into a mix
  • Tames outlying frequencies and resonances while maintaining vital timbre and sound
  • Works as a transparent de-esser for managing sibilance
  • Great for tightening guitars or adding warmth to amp-sims
  • Useful for cleaning up cymbal overtones, muddy pianos, and shrill strings
  • Quickly tames reverb buildup
  • Also useful for sidechains and busses
  • Streamlined interface is a breeze to navigate


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