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KOMPLETE 14 ULTIMATE includes 140 instruments and effects, plus 62 Expansions. Explore the highlights below.

21 Orchestral and cinematic instruments

KOMPLETE 14 ULTIMATE brings a selection of versatile cinematic and orchestral instruments, ready to produce screen-ready scores for films, TV, and games, or give your contemporary tracks an organic edge. Harness the iconic sounds of STRADIVARI VIOLIN and ACTION STRINGS 2, the arcane, cinematic choral textures of MYSTERIA, spine-chilling sounds of THRILL, granular soundscapes of ASHLIGHT, plus many more.

Platforms for sampling and synthesis

Create just about any instrument you can imagine, with two included builder platforms. KONTAKT 7 powers advanced sampling and instruments from NI, as well as hundreds of leading manufacturers, while REAKTOR 6 handles the synthesis side of things, with a flexible modular environment for building synths, effects, and more.

Don’t fancy diving in deep? Both platforms include comprehensive libraries packed with sampled instruments, synthesizers, plus a whole range of presets, so you can start making music right out of the box.

18 synthesizers

From cutting-edge digital designs to legendary analog emulations, KOMPLETE 14 ULTIMATE packs a powerful collection of hands-on synths capable of crafting any sound from the ground up. Dip into the vintage warmth of SUPER 8, explore the modular world of REAKTOR BLOCKS, or dabble in the sharp additive synthesis of RAZOR. Alongside familiar faces like flagship wavetable synth MASSIVE X comes the addition of Brainworx’s bx_oberhausen – a recreation of a polyphonic 70’s icon.

48 sampled instruments

Bursting with multisampled instruments, the KOMPLETE 14 ULTIMATE library is bigger and better than ever – from workflow gamechangers like PLAYBOX, to songwriting companions PRIME BASS, PICKED NYLON, and ELECTRIC MINT. Explore fresh flavors with SPOTLIGHT COLLECTION – EAST ASIA, craft evolving acoustic patterns with SEQUIS, sample the signature underwater sounds of Drake’s producer in 40’S VERY OWN KEYS, and let your creativity loose with the latest Play Series instruments.

15 percussion tools

Experiment with layering in POLYPLEX and tap into techno low-end with TRK-01, while avant-garde electronic percussion and detailed, humanized drum parts are made simple with super-sampler BATTERY 4. Dip into decades of character, from the 50s to modern day, with all six installments of ABBEY ROAD DRUMMER, as Play Series additions like 40’S VERY OWN DRUMS and EMPIRE BREAKS have hard-knocking hip hop beats on lock.

31 effects

KOMPLETE 14 ULTIMATE’S effects suite includes all you need to sculpt your sounds. Say hello to new Soundwide additions, with iZotope’s Ozone 10 Standard for mastering, Brainworx’s bx_crispytuner for precise vocal tuning, Unfiltered Audio’s LO-FI-AF for added dirt, as well as bx_console N and bx_limiter True Peak for studio shine. GUITAR RIG 6 PRO offers even more amp modeling and effects, as RAUM, MOD PACK, CRUSH PACK, REPLIKA XT, and other NI favorites give you endless opportunities for creative expression.

65 Expansions

Expansions are genre-tailored sound packs full of samples, loops, presets, one-shots, and more. KOMPLETE 14 ULTIMATE packs in a whopping 62 of them, meaning you can quickly find the sounds you want – from the dubbed-out rumbles of SYSTEM CLASH and lo-fi hip hop haze of FADED REELS, to the rolling jungle breaks of RHYTHM SOURCE, decades of soul feel from SOUL SESSIONS, and many more. MASSIVE X Expansions contain 150 presets each, crafted by pro designers who have mined its complex architecture for undiscovered audio gold.


It’s easy to get set up and find the sounds you need fast.


With brand-new search, list, and filter-by-genre functions, Native Access 2 is the improved way to manage all your Native Instruments software. Downloading, activating, and updating all your music creation tools is quick and easy, leaving you free to focus on making music.


KOMPLETE 14 ULTIMATE packs a lot of sounds, which is great for music making but a lot to search through. KOMPLETE KONTROL is a handy plug-in for browsing through instruments and effects. Each preset has an audio preview, so you can audition each one before loading it up.


All the instruments and effects in KOMPLETE 14 ULTIMATE come ready to plug and play with NI hardware, so you can spend less time setting up and more time in flow.


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