Mitchell MU40 Soprano Ukulele Natural


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The Mitchell MU40 soprano ukulele is a fun and easy-playing instrument perfect for ukulele players of all skill levels. The MU40 features a lindenwood body and neck for a bright, crisp tone and natural finish for a gorgeous look. Its bound rosewood fingerboard provides comfortable playability, allowing beginners and experienced players alike to start making music right away. Classic open-gear vintage-style tuners help you stay in tune longer while a rosewood bridge helps deliver the classic ukulele sound you know and love. An included instructional booklet helps new players learn the basics, so they can start enjoying this soprano ukulele immediately. The MU40 soprano ukulele puts the joy of playing music into everyone’s hands.

Lindenwood Body and Neck Provide Exceptional Tone

The MU40 soprano ukulele is crafted with a lindenwood top, back and sides for a bright, crisp tone that projects well. linden wood is a popular wood for ukuleles thanks to its tonal qualities and attractiveness. The MU40’s all-linden wood body and neck provide players with a ukulele that looks and sounds fantastic.

Bound Rosewood Fingerboard Offers Comfortable Playability

The MU40 features a bound rosewood fingerboard that provides comfortable playability. Rosewood fingerboards are prized for their smooth feel and durability. The binding helps prevent splintering for an even more comfortable playing experience. The fingerboard’s quality and comfort allow beginners to learn without difficulty and experienced players to play complex pieces with ease.

Classic Open-Gear Tuners and Rosewood Bridge Deliver Authentic Tone

Open-gear vintage-style tuners provide easy and accurate tuning, while a rosewood bridge helps produce the classic ukulele tone you know and love. The tuners’ open design is stylish and allows for quick tuning, and rosewood bridges are valued for the warm, resonant tone they help create. Together, these parts allow the MU40 to sing with a genuine ukulele sound that makes playing even more fun.

Learn to Play Right Away With Included Instructional Booklet

An included instructional booklet provides an easy introduction for beginners to start playing the MU40 soprano ukulele right out of the box. The booklet covers how to hold and tune the ukulele as well as some simple chords and songs to get new players making music immediately. Between its high-quality parts, comfortable playability and helpful instructional materials, the MU40 makes learning and playing the ukulele easy and fun for everyone.


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