Drum Factory ESP-5-14


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The Rastafara drum ESP-5 is completed with diamond carving at the bottom, double rope runners, hand picked shaved goatskin head. 3-rings-system and high tension braided ropes. When you play this djembe, the Vibrant colors are seen as well the booming bass and clear slap tones heard for distances far beyond.

ESP-5 is made from legal timber, which is certified by Indonesian Minister of Forestry. We use V-Legal certification for all our timber supply.

Features :

  • From specially selected high quality Mahogany wood
  • Shaved goat skin head
  • 3 rings system made from High Tension Braided rope
  • Double rope runners
  • 42-45 Rope runners for 65 cm
  • Easy grab handle
  • Extra rope runners allow for finer tuning
  • Hand carved on the inside of the shell to maximize the sound quality


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