Breedlove Pursuit Exotic S CE


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A Guitar You Can Count On

The Pursuit Exotic Concert is a popular choice with players around the globe due to its playing comfortability, well-balanced nature, small stature and, of course, its great tone. This guitar generates warm and full-bodied sound that covers a wide array of tones and timbres. The low end has a deeply rounded and hearty punch, while managing to keep the unwanted booms at bay. Players will love the dynamic choruses produced by strumming and enjoy the beautiful articulation capabilities while fingerpicking.

EcoTonewood Technology

The Pursuit Exotic SC E Myrtlewood Concert acoustic-electric guitar features Breedlove’s EcoTonewood sustainable laminate technology, a process that introduces a resonating, clear-cut free layer of tonewood—specifically garnered African mahogany—and stays away from bland softwoods with less tonal presence that other guitar manufacturing companies often use. Breedlove’s continued exploration into ingenious guitar body shape and eco-friendly wood produces some of the world’s finest and harmonically pleasing laminate guitars.


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